What To Do If Your Conservatory Starts To Leak

A leaking conservatory is the last thing you need – particularly if you use your conservatory all year round. As well as preventing you from enjoying your room, leaks can be very damaging to the contents of your conservatory – like your furniture. Leaks can cause water damage, too –which can result in damp and mould forming in the walls and flooring of your conservatory. So at the first sign of a leak, it’s best that you act quick.

Where and why does a Conservatory Leak?

When it comes to conservatory leaks, the source of the problem tends to be the roof – the most exposed part of a conservatory. There can be a number of reasons why the roof has started to leak. It could be down to faulty lead flashings, slipped roof panels or a damaged roof vent. More often than not, it’s down to the seals in the joints. Applied during the installation of your conservatory, the seals over time can become worn – no longer providing as good a barrier to the outside elements, like rain.

What you can do

If the problem is faulty lead flashings, slipped roof panels or a damaged roof vent, it’s recommended that you enlist the help of a professional company. But, if one of the seals needs re-sealing, you may be able to fix it by putting a little sealant on it. When it comes to which product to use on your conservatory roof, ask the company you purchased your conservatory off – they’ll be able to advise you.

In the meantime, here’s an example of how easy it can be to fix the problem area:

  • Using a sponge, scrub over the leak to remove all the dirt and grime from the surface until it’s clean
  • Apply sealant over the leak. Then check out the drying time on the sealant’s label and let it dry for the specified amount of time
  • Once you’re sure the sealant’s completely dried, use sandpaper to gently smooth it down – then the fixed area can blend in seamlessly with the rest of the roof
  • Wipe clean the area with a cloth to finish. And, that’s it, your conservatory roof should now be fixed


Useful tips:

  • Before you go and buy the sealant, inspect your conservatory roof thoroughly so then you can answer any questions in detail when asked about the leak – size of it, etc.
  • When it comes to which sealant to use on your type of conservatory roof, ask your conservatory supplier for advice – or your local home DIY store. It’s important you get the right one
  • Follow the instructions on sealant’s label carefully
  • And, when fixing a leak in your conservatory, always have someone with you to hold the ladder


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Author: Philip Woods

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